New Zealand online gambling taxation, Laws and regulations

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Gambling in New Zealand is a serious affair. With the country’s legislation bringing more and more strict laws to regulate the industry, gambling in the country has become much more organized and safe. You don’t have to worry about the legalization anymore. However, there are quite a few restrictions on the operation of online casinos, these may include but are not restricted to, operation within the borders of the country or restrictions on legalizations. The laws don’t quite change in matters of other sorts of gambling but are mended to allow the application to other fractions of the industry.


Gambling in the country is completely legal but comes with certain restrictions. Gambling is regulated by the Department of Internal Affairs. The houses are to adhere to the Gambling act of 2003. The law maintains the operation of Gambling in the country. The recent amendment was brought in 2007 that enforced the regulations of 2003 and was intended to bring more accountability in the industry. Horse racing was banned in the country but since 1961 it has been legalized due to the establishment of the Totalizator Agency Board (TAB). Likewise, certain kinds of sports betting are also allowed and regulated by the same Board. Lotteries were made online in 2008.

Online casinos:

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The law of the country bans each form of remote gambling with exception to lotteries. However, online poker is legal and played widely. Though the law bars online casino it is ambiguous on the participation. The legal interpretation of the law is that to establish an online casino within the borders of New Zealand is illegal. However, it doesn’t say anything about participating in foreign Casinos. Since you’re not breaking any law, you are free to place your bet in a foreign Casino. After you have established the credibility of the site and read its terms, there is nothing that can stop you. Several sites accept NZD as one of the currencies.


Gambling in the country is strictly overseen by law enforcement agencies and any violation of the law can result in the revocation of the license. Though gambling in the island nation is a serious affair, the legal interpretation does not consider it as a profession. The state treats gambling as recreation, not a profession. Hence, the winnings are not taxable. That means you can keep the winnings to yourself.


The law of the country is strict. Certain other rules need to be followed by the houses to ensure the safety of the community. The legal age to enter any casino is 20. However, this may depend on the online casino that you are opting to. If it’s a casino based in another country, certainly that countries rules will apply to the casino.

Online gaming:

The Gambling law criminalizes any sort of remote gaming except for few. You can still operate online Poker platforms within the country. Though the online casinos are banned for now as the time grows, this will surely not be the case.


New Zealand has one of the strict guidelines in matters of Casinos and sports betting. However, they are there to protect the interests of the player and bring more accountability in the industry. The country tax laws on gambling have prompted many gamblers and bettors to shift to the country. There are currently five casinos in the country but with the acceptability of the activity increased in the nation, the numbers are anticipated to rise. Be it the landscapes of New Zealand or the Casinos, the country lacks in nothing.