Learn the rules & how to play Roulette


Roulette is an interesting casino game. In modern history the game traces back its roots to the 17th century, however, the game has been present even before that. Roulette in French means “Little Wheel” hence by the name itself you can guess the game. It’s all about the wheel and its potential outcome. On this wheel, there are 36 numbers and a 0 and on American tables, there is 00. The task is to determine where the ball will land after the spinning of the wheel. Though this is not it there are various kinds of bets in the game.


The first thing you notice inside a Casino is a Roulette table. Each table will mention the minimum and maximum bets allowed on the table. Though the table can also mention the previous winning numbers however you should not drown yourself in it. Roulette is a game of luck and some calculations. There are strategies to understand the few patterns of the dealers or the wheel. Sometimes dealers have a habit of releasing the ball in a specific way or speed and it ends up in the same section or due to thousands of spins, a wheel can behave in a particular manner, but usually, that doesn’t happen and you have to trust your luck in the game.


There are various bets that you can place on the wheel. You can wager your money on the number, column, dozen, M12 for middle 12 numbers, D12, even numbers and odd also. You can likewise place your bet on the color of the numbers too. You need to place your bet on the table that correlates with the Roulette wheel.

Inside bets and Outside bets:

These are the bets you place on the number you think is going to come. E.g if you think 9 is the number that the ball will land on, you place your wager on the number 9. However, outside bets are not placed on numbers but colors (Black and Red), even or odd, Column or 12 numbers, Dozen betting and High or low bets.

Hand Chips:

The fact about Roulette is that it is quite easy to play. After you have selected your table, you handover your chips to the Dealer. Roulette chips are different than the Casino chips and you are given a specific color. These chips are worthless out of the table and you need to cash-out before you leave the table. Ask the Dealer that you would like to cash-out and he will provide you the normal casino chips in return. After the ball has been pushed on the wheel, no more bets can be placed.


The round:

After you have placed your bet on your section or the color or your number, the deals are sealed, the Dealer throws the ball on the wheel and spins it. When the wheel settles and your bet wins, he will place a marker on the winning number and you are paid.


Roulette is one of the easiest games in the casino. You needn’t do much. A little bit of luck and concentration will do. The game has become synonymous with casinos and is the first thing you will see when entering a Casino. Different players have their way of interpreting the game. For some, the strategies work and for the other, it’s about luck. Though both may be true to some extent, Roulette is a game of luck and tactic. The right bet, right move and right step at the right moment. That’s what Gambling is all about.