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Making big confident moves

Guide: How to Be a Confident Casino Player

Confidence is an important factor in casino play. It can make the difference between a good player and a great one. But what exactly is confidence? And how do you develop it? We’ve put together an overview of what confidence is, how to spot it, and how you can use it to bet with more decisiveness on your next trip to the casino.

What is confidence?

Confidence is the belief in yourself and your abilities. It’s the feeling that you can accomplish whatever you set out to do. Confidence is one of the most important qualities you can have in your career and your day-to-day life.

Confidence, in a nutshell, is being steady under pressure or excitement. Confidence is the state of knowing you know something to be true about something. In simple terms, it’s realizing that you know things about your sport, your plans, or the stock market that you wouldn’t otherwise.
For example, if you played a round of pool and hadn’t thought to check the score, you might be feeling confident about your skills but unconfident about your pool. Confidence is the first step in becoming a successful gambler.

How to spot confidence in casino players

When you know how to spot confidence in casino players, you know who the winning players are. A confident casino player will be making eye contact with the dealers, the pit bosses, and the other players. Confidence combined with good bet sizing will increase your odds of losing money when playing and keep you in the game longer.

Confidence is about More Than Just Taking Action

When you play blackjack or poker in a casino, you are just that — an action.

How to develop your sense of confidence when playing at the casino

You are in control of your feelings. You can’t control the feelings of others, but you can control your feelings. Focus on what you do best and play to your strengths. When you have enough experience, you will have a good sense of your strengths and weaknesses. You will know what you’re good at and what you are not good at. Here are your strengths and weaknesses.


  • You have the power to control the direction of your thoughts. You can think laterally, focus on facts and figures to establish your position, and control what others are telling you.
  • You can locate and overcome obstacles and stay calm under pressure.
  • You put in a good deal of time, energy and resources to become the best you can be.
  • You have survived and thrived in critical situations before.
  • You know what you have done and learned.
  • You have flexible beliefs.
  • You can think sideways and consider alternative sources of information.


  • You like to guess (or maybe want to be right) and love throwing numbers out to see what happens.
  • You prefer being right over playing well.
  • You refuse to admit when you’re wrong over improving yourself.
  • You roll your eyes when someone tells you you’re wrong.
  • You prefer to share your secrets with no one except your spouse.
  • You don’t want to stick around a casino long enough to discover that you weren’t the greatest when first entering.
  • You normally delve into the minutiae of what you do instead of broader concepts.
  • You didn’t get a great enough grade on your report card to get promoted.
  • You stick by what you know instead of testing what you’re told.
  • You reject reality more than others continuously tell you to do.
  • You try to talk your way out of committing to something.
  • You refuse to look outside your circle for help and advice
  • Tips for feeling more confident

Tips for feeling more confident

Feeling more confident can be as simple as buying a new outfit or a new pair of shoes that you feel good in. It can also be as simple as smiling more. You don’t have to be 100% confident all the time, but a little confidence goes a long way.

Confidenct man

So how do you develop confidence? There are many techniques and strategies around confidence, but we won’t dig into all of them. What you will learn is that confidence can come from different places. It can come from movies and books, teams and activities, or even from your interactions with people you don’t know. But regardless of where confidence comes from, the key is knowing how to use your confidence when you are at the casinos


Whether you’re playing blackjack or poker, there’s always the chance that someone is going to beat you. There are also a lot of game strategies and actions one can take that are directed at beating the house — things such as calling the house, holding their cards, betting a large amount on a smaller number, and others that produce more profit for their house than it costs them.

These are simple actions that grow in confidence as you learn the strategy and its associated actions, and as you invest more time, energy and money beating the house and getting more deals.

How to spot confidence in others

Confidence is a good thing to have, so you can always spot it in others. Here are five ways to spot confidence in yourself or others.

Confidence shows in the eyes. Confident people don’t look around much. They tend to look you straight in the eyes.

Confidence shows in the voice. Confident people tend to talk directly to you and speak more slowly. The combination of across-the-board dominance and relatively slow tempo of conversation is the reason we tend to sound confident.

Confidence is based on experience. Compared to less confident people, those who are extremely confident tend to own less experience. These opinionated, early risers often prefer risking more money than less confident, less experienced peers.

Ignores outside feedback. People with confidence choose to ignore outside feedback and feedback that isn’t directly related to their success or relaxation. They will go so far as to forbid others from telling their own stories. What James Lipton, author of The Odd Couple, calls “The Secret to Magical Thinking” shows us this behaviour in action.

Ignores the monkey on the bar. With a confident attitude, you are likely to say “yes” to any offer that comes your way. You’re more likely to say “no” to the wrong offers. Why? Because confident people are indifferent to who wins and who loses. Trusting and getting to know the people you play with will help you win more and lose less. Don’t worry about losing.

Have you ever seen someone appear to have confidence despite having no idea what they were talking about or why they were saying it? Confidence seems to show a preference for one side of the brain, which is the “facilitator” side. That’s the side that initiates, organizes, and leads other thoughts and actions. This is what authors call the “fake it ‘til you make it” effect.

Learn How to Play Craps

If you ever visited a live casino, particularly in Las Vegas, Macau, or Atlantic City, you can’t help notice the excitement around the craps table. Visit the right casino and its entirely possible for you to see some lucky or unlucky whale, betting and winning, or losing a $100,000 bet or more. There are over 120 different bets on a carps table, and although some of them are really bad bets with a house advantage of up to 16.7 percent. the house edge on the pass, don’t pass, come and don’t come bets are as low as 1.36 percent. Back a pass or don’t pass bet with odds, and the odds bet has absolutely no house advantage at all. How is this possible Simply because the casino knows that most people aren’t smart enough to make odds bets. More on that in a bit.

Most people don’t play craps

The plain fact is that most people don’t play craps for the reason that there are so many intimidating factors. First, if it becomes your turn to be the shooter and you are a small gambler, it can be really intimidating for all eyes to be on you. Second, there are so many different terms. Snake eyes, Big Red, Easy Way, the Hardway, Little Joe, and more. Regarding all of this, our best advice is to ignore all the terms, and as for being the shooter, you can always pass the dice if you don’t want all eyes on you.

The basic bets

As we said there are over 120 different bets on a craps table, but we’ll start with the basic four, pass, don’t pass, come, and don’t come, since they have the best odds. Let’s say a huge 6-foot 4-inch cowboy is the new shooter. Our cowboy rolls two dice on the table and there are then three outcomes. The first is that the shooter has a natural. Either the total of the two dice is a 7 or an 11. The shooter then automatically wins his bet and rolls again. The second outcome is that the shooter craps out. If he rolls a two (snake eyes) or a three, (an ace/deuce) or a 12 (craps) the shooter automatically loses. However, if the shooter rolls a 4, 5, 6, 8, 9, or 10, that becomes the shooter’s point. On the initial shooter rollout, the odds of hitting a natural are 6 combinations for hitting a seven, and one additional chance for hitting an 11. Let’s say the shooter rolled a 6, and therefore his point becomes 6. Now the changes have shifted. If you hit a 6 before you roll a seven, you win. If the 7 comes up, you lose. Since there are only 5 chances of getting a 6 but 6 different combinations to getting a seven, the odds have shifted away from you. If your point is 4 or 10, there are only three combinations to win. Five and 9 have four combinations to win. An 8 has five chances to win. Most gamblers like to bet with the shooter, so they will likely lay a bet down on the pass line. However, let’s say you really hate cowboys. You can then bet on the don’t pass, hoping the player loses and you therefore win. They come and they don’t come bets operate just like the pass and don’t pass bets, except that you can only bet on them once a point has been established. Let’s say the shooter has a 5 as his point. Betting on the come bet, you win if you get a natural on the next roll and lose if you get and loses if you roll craps. If neither happens a come bet point is established. Don’t come bets operate just the opposite. You lose on 7 or 11 and win on 2, 3, or 12.

Taking the odds

The best bet of all craps comes from taking the odds. Once a point is established, you can take odds of as much as 10 times per more at most casinos. (Be sure to check the limits before playing.) Let’s say you are betting $10 on the pass line to win. To lay the odds, you bet additional money to win and are paid at true odds. The amount you will be paid for the additional bet depends upon how much additional money you bet as well as your point. A point of 4 or 10 pays 2 to 1 to win. So if you bet an additional $10, then you would win $30, $10 for winning your pass line bet, and $20 for laying up the odds. If you have a point of 5 or 9 it pays 3 to 2, and if your point is 6 or 8, you get paid 6 to 5. The terrific thing about odds betting with the odds is that they significantly bring down the house’s edge. With 2 times the odds, you bring down the house advantage from 1.41 percent down to .606% percent. Since many casinos allow you to bet 10 times the odds, the house advantage can be paired all the way down to .184% If you have the bankroll for it, you are much better off placing a $10 bet on pass or come, and then placing a $100 bet on the odds. Placing a single, pass line bet will over time, cause you to lose about 14 cents per roll. However, if you take the odds, you’ve reduced that down to around 2 cents per roll. The opposite is true if you bet on don’t pass or don’t come. Laying the odds here, you make slightly larger bets to make smaller amounts because you are favored to win. For example, if the point is four, if you lay the odds on the point, you would bet $10 to win $5 more, since you are favored to win. Odds are the closest thing to free money in craps, and if you watch professional gamblers, they always take the odds. There are lots of other bets such as betting on any 7, the hard way, any craps or field bets, but the house advantage of these bets run as low as 5.56 percent to as high as 16.67 percent. Unless you’ve mastered Kreskin’s mind-reading course, stay away from these. Playing bass, don’t pass, come and don’t come along with playing the odds will give you plenty of action and you are odds are good that you will come out a winner.

Top Casinos with Fast Payouts New Zealand

Gambling is a significant factor in the New Zealand economy upon which individuals, casinos, game developers, and government profit. Most gambling in the country is state-controlled and involves numerous casino facilities, offering their services online and in land-based platforms. In the past decade or so, online casinos have taken over land-based ones because of their ability to give gamblers flexibility. However, it does not mean the land-based have lost meaning as there are aspects available in the land-based casinos that are not available in the online platform. Conversations and the facilities’ live ambiance can never be taken away from these ground-based platforms, but online casinos are superseding them in terms of frequency of playing the games. Online casinos provide gamblers with gaming advantages similar to the land-based casinos but with even a wider variety of games, and they are convenient too. With evergrowing options for deposits and withdrawals, there is a greater emphasis put on the speed of payouts. With that in mind, below are some of the most popular online casinos available that have been approved by Best New Zealand Casinos for being fast payout casinos and appropriate to New Zealanders.

Lucky Days Casino

This is a relatively new casino as it was launched in the spring of 2019. Thus, the casino has a vast space for growth and improvement. New players are offered an entry bonus of a 200% match deposit of up to €50. A casino is an ideal place for slot game lovers in that in addition to the €50 bonus; they can play 20 free spins on particular slots over nine successive days. However, it is worth noting the bonus is only available for people depositing at least €20. Wagering is also another essential aspect in that players can only wager 0x for their bonuses to be cashable. The minimum deposits at the casino are €20, and various payment methods are allowed, among them Visa, Mastercard, Skrill, Neteller, and ecoPayz. The RTP value is approximately 94%, based on the bet amount. It’s a credible platform considering that it is licensed by Curacao, which is acceptable in New Zealand. Insofar as the aspect of variety is concerned, players can enjoy over 600 titles spread out through numerous categories. However, it is noteworthy that slot games are the most common, including games such as Dead or Alive II, Phoenix Reborn, Pirates’ Plenty, etc. the platform is also available for mobile users through various operating systems. Lucky Days Casino is on an upward trend and is poised for better things in the future.

Royal Panda

Royal PandaThis casino offers gambling opportunities for sports and casino betting live events. It is one of the newest casinos because it was first licensed in 2013 and officially launched in 2014. It is an ideal gambling platform for New Zealanders as they can enjoy free banking, and payouts can be conducted within 24 hours through their e-wallets. Players can also enjoy a plethora of games as the platform offers about 600 casino games emanating from various software providers. Players can deposit money in their gambling accounts through visa, Insta Debit, Mastercard, Skrill, Neteller, and Paysafecard. The above deposit transfer options provide a minimum of £10 and a maximum of £50,000, notwithstanding these transfers are free. Insofar as licensing is concerned, Royal Panda is recognized by Malta and the UK Gambling Commission, making the online platform a credible betting source. In terms of customer support, customers may not get 24 hours service as they may wish, but they can get 13.5 hours starting from 09.00 am to 00.30 am. the casino can be reached through telephone, a live chat, and an email address. Regarding its usability, the casino is imbued with an authentic appeal that consists of a black background and a contrasting white logo.

online casinos

Betway Casino

Betway was established in 2006 and has grown significantly to become a massive platform in the casino industry. It is a credible platform as it is licensed by Malta and certified by eCOGRA. Thus, players are not to worry about the legitimacy of the site. Additionally, it utilizes Microgaming Software as a platform in their games. It is also available 24/7, which means gamblers are not limited by time when it comes to enjoying their most preferred games. Players are usually attracted by a huge variety of games with an average return to player percentage of approximately ninety-six. The above aspect makes it comparably superior to land-based casinos by far.

Interestingly, gamblers do not have to spend heavily on the site as there are games with as low as NZ$0.10, notwithstanding heavy spenders can invest as high as NZ$1,000 per bet. The casino offers various games, including Blackjack, pokies, Roulette, and Live Dealer tables. The casino is available for all devices, including mobile devices using multiple operating systems, i.e., Android, IOS, Blackberry, and Windows.

Like most online casinos, Betway offers its customers a Welcome Bonus, which is comparably generous. It offers new players up to $1,000, which is higher than what most online casinos offer. However, it is essential to understand that players need to make three separate deposits to attain maximum bonuses. Rewards do not end at the entry rewards. Players accumulate loyalty points as they continue playing along, helping them amass free credits at the casino. Several banking methods such as Mastercard, Neteller, Skrill, Visa, and Paypal and payouts can be processed through e-wallet within the shortest time possible, mostly within 24 hours. Customers can reach the platform through phone calls, emails, and live chat on a 24 hours basis regarding customer care.


This online casino was launched in 2017 but should not be mistaken for deficiency as it offers its customers with as much variety as possible. The casino is has a strong theme pointing towards the King of the Jungle as it is displayed by the platform’s design and logo. Insofar as bonuses are concerned, the platform offers a 200% matched bonus in addition to 50 spins for many of its popular games. The casino thrives on a responsible gaming policy, high credibility based on a 24/7 customer care service, and the Gambling Commission of Great Britain licenses it. Some of the games available on the platform include Three card poker, Football studio, Blackjack, Baccarat, Roulette, etc. they also have a VIP program that offers players access to private events, social events, and tournaments. Gamblers should feel comfortable with this casino because games therein emanate from various developers such as NetEnt, Microgaming, PlayGo, BluePrint, and Red Tiger.

Leo Vegas Casino

This casino was founded in 2012 and is owned by LeoVegas AB, a Swedish company. The casino offers more than 400 games to its customers. Some of the best aspects of the casino include video pokies, progressive jackpots, and dealer games. Similar to many other online casinos, it is available for desktop and mobile devices. The platform offers bonuses for deposits up to $1000 and 150 free spins on particular slot games. The spin bonuses operate on the more spins; the more number spins one is awarded. Familiar games such as Roulette, Blackjack, and poker are available on the casino platform, developed by renowned developers such as NetEnt, Yggdrasil, Microgaming, and Pragmatic. There are gaming options for sports bettors and other live events too.

Captain Spins Casino

Captain Spins was released in 2019 and instantly became a popular online casino game. This casino took another three years to get into the mainstream New Zealand casino sector, but it appears that 2022 will be the year it outperforms the competition.

Captain Spins stands out from the competition because to its great bonuses and power-ups, which offer customers more bonuses and free spins than any of its competitors. They ensure that their players have all they require to succeed. This is the type of casino where gamers may lose themselves in the ambience while playing all of their favorite slot machines. Slot machines are a lot of fun, and they know how to do them effectively.

Learn How to Play Baccarat

Baccarat is a game of cards that is popularly played inside of casinos. It has a long history of play around the world. The exact origins of the card game are under dispute. Some people believe that it has been around since the 15th century. While there are others, who believe it was invented in the 19th century. What is certain is that it was popular among French nobility by the 19th century. Whether it was played before it became popular is another matter. Throughout the game, players are tasked with building the best hand so they can win against the house. Today there are three popular versions of the game that are still played. Each version has its own set of rules.

Important Terminology
Player, This is the person who is playing the game. Banker. The bank is the equivalent of the House in US casinos. Coup This is the name for each full round of a turn Punto BancoThe name for the version of Baccarat played in North America Baccarat Chemin de fee. Another popular version of Baccarat Baccarat Banque A third version of Baccarat that is popular.

A History of the Game Baccarat

By the time of the rule of Napoleon Bonaparte, the card game Baccarat was already popular among the French nobility. It is thought that the card game may have existed before this time. During this time before casinos were legalized, this game was played privately in people’s homes throughout France. The first version of the game that was created as a three-player version, which was followed by a two-person version. It was in the 1940s that the house backed version played in modern casinos was introduced. This version was created in Havana, and it is still the most popular version of the game that is played around the entire world.

Rules of the Game Baccarat

First, it is important to note that the rules change depending on the version of the game that is being played. In this article, unless otherwise noted, assume we are referring to the version played inside of US Casinos. The rules of the game can even decide the total number of players that get cards during a game. Some versions only allow for two players to have cards at a time while other versions allow more players to have them. Make sure that you are certain which version is being played before you decide to join in on a game as the rules can vary drastically from one version to another.
The first round of the game will be where the dealers hand out the cards. In the first coup, the player will receive a card than the dealer then the player and finally the dealer once more. At the end of the first coup, both players should have two cards.
Now that both hands have been dealt with, it is time to count up the value of the cards. At US casinos, face-value cards are worth zero points. Face value cards are worth their face value, and aces are worth one point. If you have two cards that add up to over ten, then drop the first number, and what you are left with is your total. For example, let’s say you get a 9 and a 7 for a total of 16, then your hand would be worth 6 points. The player that gets the closest to 9 points total wins.
Depending on how many points each player’s hands are worth, there could be a third card that gets drawn. If the total number of points for the player’s hand is 5 or less and the dealer does not have a hand worth 8 or 9 points, then the player gets to draw a third card. At the start of the game, you have the option to place bets on either the player’s hand or the banker’s hand. Once the third card gets dealt with how the dealer responds will depend on what the third card was. Once all three cards have been dealt for both players, then you can add up the points to determine the winner.

How Did Baccarat Get So Popular in Casinos?

The story of this game’s popularity is an interesting one. During the time that this game was first becoming popular, casinos were not yet legal. This meant that people who wanted to gamble had to do so privately. In France, this card game was used for that purpose. By the time that casinos were legalized, most people were already aware of how to play this game. It did not take very long for people to start playing the game at casinos once they were legalized.

Interesting Tid Bits of Knowledge About the Game Baccarat

This is one of the few card games that assign the face cards the lowest value of all the cards. The popular version that is still played at casinos was not invented until the 1940s. It was invented in the country of Havana. There are still three different versions of the game that are played throughout the world today. The way that the odds are stacked is a little different with each version. The version that is played inside of casinos has some of the lowest house odds out of all the card games that are available inside of a casino. The different types of versions allow different numbers of players. The game that is played inside of a casino today usually only allows players to have cards. There are other versions of the game that adjust the rules so that more than just two players can play at a time.

Final Thoughts on Learning to Play the Game Baccarat

If you have not had the chance to go to a casino and play a round of Baccarat, then you are missing out on one of the most fun card games you can play. There is no guarantee that you will win, but it is always fun to try it out. You do not even need to touch the cards to get involved. You can just stand by the table while placing bets. You can place bets against the player if you want to even. There are not a lot of other games that you can play at the casino that will let you place bets on the house. Do not let yourself get intimidated by your lack of experience. Everyone that has ever played the game played their first hand at some point. The best way for you to get better at this is to spend time practising.

Top Tips for Playing Online Poker in New Zealand

Today’s discussion is about poker strategies for players who are new to the game. Some people have never tried online poker before, but they have heard good things and want to try. Everyone starts as a new player at some point. You cannot advance from beginner to expert without some guide or playbook. It is to those players in New Zealand that I speak to today.

Poker Strategies For New and Advanced Players Who Might Need Some Refreshers

1) Fewer Hands

Some people like to dive right in and start playing aggressively. That is the last thing you want to do if you are new. Only those who know what they are doing( expert poker players) should be playing aggressively right away. Most poker games come with a limit to how many hands you can play at once(except Texas Hold Em). Playing too many hands right away is going to bleed you dry. Your stack of chips is going to widdle down to one or less if you play too much. The only time that it does not happen is if you have a lot of luck on your side. I have learned that luck only plays a small role in poker. That means relying on luck too much is going to cost you. One way to improve your strategy is to improve your pre-flop game. You can download plenty of pre-flop charts to look over. The one thing I will warn you about is adhering to the strategy. You have to stick to the plan( similar to how you stick to a budget). You are going to be tested with your pre-flop strategy, especially if you start to win big or get impatient. Do not let impatience drive you to make a bad choice. Sometimes impatience leads a poker player to play a worthless hand. That is why you need to chill and play the hand that feels right. There are going to be times when you have a hand that is tight, strong, and very playable. Those are the hands you can play aggressively, but as long as you know what you are doing.

2) Limping

Limping is another common strategy, but you need to be careful. Experts tell you to not be the first to limp. Limping is when you call out a big blind pre-flop). Most experts argue that no player who enters the pot first should do it. Why? a) There is no way to win the pot pre-flop unless you raise it. b) You are giving the other players better odds. That means the odds of you dealing with many players at once is more likely. That will reduce your chances of winning the pot. The only time you should ever limp is when someone else has already done it. That is what the experts call “overlimping”. Overlimping proves your odds are getting better.

3) Semi-Bluffing Is Bad

It does not matter how good of a draw you have, you never do a semi-bluff. Bluffing and semi-bluffing is something you have to do effectively. That means you cannot just do it for the sake of doing it or to gain the advantage. Some people like to bluff to get the edge. You never do that unless you know for sure you can pull it off. This link about semi-bluffing will give you a better idea of how to semi-bluff and bluff effectively. You need to have something to back your hand in case your bluff is called. That is where some newbies go wrong. They never anticipate that their bluff could be called by a more experienced player. Some beginners like to appear smarter than they are. Yeah, you do not want to do that.

4)Strong Hands

There is always one player who checks their nut flush more than three times in a row. Then, they have to table everything they have(even when it is a great hand) after someone else checks back the river. I know. That is hard for me to understand too. What it means(basically) is the player plays too slow. They are too scared to chase the other player out even if they have a better hand. I hope that made a little more sense to you. Beginner players should position their strong hands to build the pot(that way there is more value). Click here to get a better understanding of what it means to be a slow player versus a fast one.

5)The Big Blind

Every expert poker player knows they have to defend their big hands. This somehow escapes some of the beginner players. You have to defend the pot with the right hands. The big blind is different because you already have one blind invested in the pot. Now, some players might decide to raise you when sitting in the big blind. You are going to be in a better position to call. To get a better understanding of pot odds you can click here to read more. How well you defend your hand and the pot depends on a few things including the raiser’s position, the number of people playing, and the size. Google “how to defend your big blind” and you will come up with many resources to look at.

gambling winning

Are gambling winnings taxable in New Zealand

Legal agencies:

The fact about New Zealand’s gambling laws is that they are flexible and friendly. It not only allows businesses to flourish but also protects the player from harm. With certain guidelines, Gambling is regulated by the ministry of the Department of Internal Affairs. Through various Legal organizations, gambling and betting are thoroughly regulated and operated.

  1. New Zealand Lotteries Commission: The commission was established in 1967. The tickets were made online since 2008. However, the history of lottery tickets goes a little far in the country. The first lotteries were known as Art Unions and were established in 1933. The low returns of the Lottery prompted many people to opt for other overseas lotteries. Due to this, the local government was forced to undertake the issue and introduce the Golden Kiwi Lottery.
  2. Sports betting: The New Zealand Government has various statutory organizations put in place to oversee the betting business in the country. Totalizator Agency Board regulates betting in the country and comes under the control of the New Zealand Racing Board.

Gambling winnings:

The benefit of having Gambling Laws in the country is that it makes it devoid of any fraud. The country puts certain regulations on the Casino houses as to how to operate the business but for the player, there are none in matters of winnings. The Gambling winnings are not taxable in New Zealand and you can straightway take the lot home as soon as you get it. That means you don’t have to invest time in calculating your tax and analyzing the final amount. You get to keep the whole amount to yourself because, in the State definition, Gambling is recreational, not professional.

Gambling Winning


Almost every city in the country has a Casino, but there are certain rules for particular houses. In matters of Casino, players are required to be 20 years old to step in the casino, but the age requirement is only 18 years old in sports betting. Likewise, many of the houses may have a certain dress code for the participants. E.g., you are not allowed to enter in your slippers or Pyjamas. These rules can change but one regarding the age is set by the Law enforcement agencies.

Online Gambling:

Almost every form of gambling is legal in the country except for online gambling, but before it sinks deep in you, here is the catch. The country’s law states that any sort of online gambling will not operate from the borders of the country but it does not have jurisdiction over others. That being said, the player is free to bet on a foreign gambling site as long as he is of legal age. Many of the Online casinos accept New Zealand Dollar (NZD) and offer faster cross-border money transfers

Online Gambling


Gambling in New Zealand is completely legit and regulated by the Department of Internal Affairs. Unlike Australia where you have to declare your winnings as recreational, New Zealand requires no such processing. The winnings in the island nation are not taxable thus you can keep the money to yourself. Being licensed by the Department of Internal Affairs, gambling rules, and regulations in the island nation are devoid of any confusion. Though there have been various advancements over time in the matters of Casino and gambling, there is much to be done regarding the overall development of the industry


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Discover New Zealand online Poker Legislation in 2020

New Zealand is a tourist’s mecca. Apart from its breath-taking landscapes and serene surroundings, the island nation has its share of Casinos in the country. For now, five casinos are operating with the permission of the law. there are certain guidelines regarding the operation of gambling and betting in the country regulated by the Department of Internal affairs. The gambling law has certain restrictions in matters of online casinos and the legal age. The benefit of gambling being licensed by the NZ government gives the player ease of playing without having to worry about the fraudulence and unfair means.

Online Casinos:

Gambling in New Zealand is regulated by the Gambling Act 2003. The act deems every house illegal unless licensed by the Government. Though operating land-based casinos are legal, establishing online Casinos within the borders of the country is illegal. However, the law doesn’t cover the casino out of the country and as far as gambling is concerned, you are free to place your bet in any foreign Casinos. Many Casinos allow you to deposit NZD on the site.

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Online poker:

Remote gaming is completely legit in the country with some exceptions. Gambling Act of 2003 covers any sort of legal remote gambling in the country. Online Poker is legal in the country. Sites are allowed to operate within the borders of the country as opposed to online casinos and winnings are not taxable. TAB and the New Zealand Lotteries Commission are the only organizations authorized to operate any type of remote gaming in New Zealand. Other restrictions may apply regarding the tax issues in certain cases, in that case, it is always safe to consult a Tax consultant. New Zealand doesn’t consider Gambling a profession but there have been certain cases, where the winnings have been defined as professional and players asked to pay taxes. Generally, the case is not like that and winnings are tax-free.


The Gambling is controlled by the Department of Internal Affairs. The Department has laid down guidelines for the houses to follow and any violation of its rules and regulations can end up in revocation of the license. The recent amendment to the Act of 2003 was passed in 2007. The purpose of this amendment is to enforce the regulations of 2003 and bring more accountability to Gambling establishments. It also includes harm-measure and the issue of a Gambling Problem.


The Gambling industry in New Zealand is required to contribute a sum of profits back to the community. The amendment makes sure to enforce that. They are required to watch over whether the funds are being distributed properly to the community. This is overseen by the Gambling Commission that works under the Department of Internal Affairs. Another guideline in the amendment is to address the problem of Gambling and wherever the problem exists, the house must make sure to provide the assistance and information to the individual. The agreements are part of the legal arrangement between the house and the Licensing authorities.


As far as online casinos are concerned, they are not allowed to operate from the borders of New Zealand but online Poker is completely legal. Various sites are offering Poker with NZD as an acceptable currency. The benefit of the Gambling in New Zealand is that you get to keep all of your winnings and they are tax-free as the Country doesn’t consider Gambling a source of income but instead puts it in a category of recreation. However, you are free to play on the online casinos based out of the country and cash out your winnings.

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How to play casino Blackjack?

Blackjack is the most common game you can spot in a Casino. It’s considered one of the popular card games in the casino world. The game comes with simple rules. You either try to reach 21 or you beat your dealer, but beware not to exceed 21 or the natural. It’s quite easy to play but depending upon the player, the strategies change. Some people use patience as their weapon in the game others are more of fast-track players, all of them trying to win over the next. Blackjack is a game that certainly tests all sorts of players and brings the best out.


To put it in the simplest of definitions, your objective is to beat the dealer’s hand and how you do that is the quest of Black Jack? It’s just you against the dealer. The purpose is to draw a hand that does not exceed 21 but beats the dealer’s hand or if the dealers draw a hand that’s over 21, you won. If the dealer draws a hand that’s higher than your hand or your hand exceeds 21, you lost.

Value of cards:

Blackjack is not a complicated game but you have to remember the value of the cards. 2-10 count as the face value e.g 6 as 6 or 9 as 9. Face cards (J, Q, K) count as 10 whereas Ace is 1 or 11 depending on what value helps the most. The game is played with 52-deck playing cards.

value of cards

Cash to chips:

The currency of the casinos is chips and tables don’t simply allow to play in money. You will require to change your money and buy chips. However, don’t hand over your money to the dealer but instead place it on the table. Once the pit-boos has verified the amount for the cameras to see, the dealer will push the chips towards you. This is important to maintain transparency in the house and for security reasons.


Before you are dealt with cards, you need to place your bet. The table will include a small circle or square or in some cases, the logo of the Casino and you are required to put your betting money in it. It’s usually located on the far-right or the Far-left side of your table. There can be certain guidelines regarding the minimum amount of bet you are allowed to make which will be mentioned near the betting circle. You need to read them carefully.


Cards are dealt:

The dealer will now deal with cards. This will start by dealing with one card, face-up to each player and one card, face-down to himself. Then he will distribute one more card, face-up to each player and one card, face-up to himself. Each player will be having two cards, face up but the dealer will have, one card, face up and one card face down.


Before you play the game, understand the hand gestures of the game. The dealer won’t react to your verbal instructions as the cameras need to see your actions. The dealer will start from the left. You will have to add the value of your both hands and see if you have a Blackjack. Your hand can get a total from 4 to 21. If the dealer doesn’t have a Blackjack and you have it, that means you won but if both of you have it, you won’t lose your wager at least.

Hand gesture:

Stand: If you want to hold and end your turn, wave your hand or put out an open palm.

Hit: If you want to be dealt with more cards, one at a time, tap the Felt with your finger. The cards will be dealt with until you bust.

Double-down: If you’re not satisfied with your hand and need an additional card. You can double your wager with an additional card. Put up your wager, equivalent to your initial bet on the left side and you will be dealt with another card.

Split: You have the option of splitting the cards so that each card becomes the first card in each hand. You need to put out a second wager next to your initial wager and make a peace sign. You will then be dealt with cards on each hand.

Surrender: You have the option of receiving half of your bet back. Draw an imaginary line behind your bet across the felt and verbalize surrender.

Hand gesture

Dealer plays:

Then the dealer plays. Depending upon your and dealers’ card, the final of the game is determined. However, there are strategies like No-bust strategy that works for few and others, they trust their stars. Two things can happen, either you will bust or the dealer. If your hand is higher than his you won and if his hand is, he won. In case of a push, you get to keep your money but aren’t paid any return.


Playing BlackJack is not just entertaining but requires concentration. Beyond the simplistic rules of the game lies deeper understanding and mathematical calculations of its patterns. The basic advice Is don’t bust and don’t exceed the natural.

Is online poker legal in New Zealand

Is online poker legal in New Zealand?

New Zealand is known as the Island nation. The country has its reputation in the touristy business but when it comes to Casinos, it is second to none. One thing about gambling in the country is that it’s completely legal and licensed devoid of any fraud. Regulated by the Department of Internal Affairs, the Gambling laws put certain kinds of restrictions on what sort of gambling is allowed or isn’t allowed? But as far as online poker is concerned, it’s legal in the country.

Online Casinos:

Gambling Act of 2003 criminalizes any type of Gambling illegal unless licensed by the law. However, there are strict restrictions on the online casino but Land-based casinos are good to go. Establishing an online Casino and operating it within the borders of the country is illegal, but the law doesn’t restrict the nationals from placing their bet on online casino based out of the country. You are free to wager your money on foreign online casinos and cash-out the payments. Many of these casinos allow users to deposit their amounts in New Zealand Dollars.

Online poker:

There are certain restrictions to remote gaming, but generally, it’s legal. The gambling act of 2003 also covers online gaming. However, online poker sites are allowed to operate from the country and the winnings are not taxable. Though the restrictions will apply in matters of winnings and it would be better to consult a tax consultant regarding it. In general cases, the winnings are not taxable as the country doesn’t consider the winnings as income but instead puts them in a category of recreation. Regarding the issue of remote gaming, TAB, and the New Zealand Lotteries Commission are the only organizations authorized to operate any kind of remote gaming in New Zealand. You can safely play online poker and cash-out your winnings without having to worry about the tax.

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Gambling in the country is regulated by the Department of Internal Affairs. Gambling Act of 2003 chalks out various guidelines for the business houses and violation of any such regulations will end up in revocation of their business licenses. In 2007, the recent amendment to the act was brought. It empowered the law to bring more accountability and enforce the Gambling Act 2003 in letter and spirit.


The Casinos industry is required to contribute a sum of their profits back to the community. The act of 2003 and its amendments make sure to enforce that. This is supervised by the Gambling Commission that works according to the guidelines set by the Department of Internal Affairs. The recent amendment entails the houses to address the gambling problem wherever it exists. The house must ensure that they provide assistance and information to the individual. This is the legal binding between the Casino houses and the licensing authorities. Any sort of violation or inability to follow the guidelines will cost the House its operating license.



New Zealand has five Land-based casinos in the country. However, the online casinos are not allowed to operate from the borders of New Zealand, online Poker is a completely legal business in the country. Several sites offer online poker with NZD being one of the acceptable currencies. Gambling is considered a recreational affair in the country and hence, the winnings are not taxable. Apart from that, you are free to wager your money on a foreign online casino and there won’t be any hiccups when cashing out from New Zealand. Though you need to be careful about the credibility of the platform and after you have established its legality, you can give it a go.






Learn the rules & how to play Roulette

Roulette is an interesting casino game. In modern history the game traces back its roots to the 17th century, however, the game has been present even before that. Roulette in French means “Little Wheel” hence by the name itself you can guess the game. It’s all about the wheel and its potential outcome. On this wheel, there are 36 numbers and a 0 and on American tables, there is 00. The task is to determine where the ball will land after the spinning of the wheel. Though this is not it there are various kinds of bets in the game.


The first thing you notice inside a Casino is a Roulette table. Each table will mention the minimum and maximum bets allowed on the table. Though the table can also mention the previous winning numbers however you should not drown yourself in it. Roulette is a game of luck and some calculations. There are strategies to understand the few patterns of the dealers or the wheel. Sometimes dealers have a habit of releasing the ball in a specific way or speed and it ends up in the same section or due to thousands of spins, a wheel can behave in a particular manner, but usually, that doesn’t happen and you have to trust your luck in the game.


There are various bets that you can place on the wheel. You can wager your money on the number, column, dozen, M12 for middle 12 numbers, D12, even numbers and odd also. You can likewise place your bet on the color of the numbers too. You need to place your bet on the table that correlates with the Roulette wheel.

Inside bets and Outside bets:

These are the bets you place on the number you think is going to come. E.g if you think 9 is the number that the ball will land on, you place your wager on the number 9. However, outside bets are not placed on numbers but colors (Black and Red), even or odd, Column or 12 numbers, Dozen betting and High or low bets.

Hand Chips:

The fact about Roulette is that it is quite easy to play. After you have selected your table, you handover your chips to the Dealer. Roulette chips are different than the Casino chips and you are given a specific color. These chips are worthless out of the table and you need to cash-out before you leave the table. Ask the Dealer that you would like to cash-out and he will provide you the normal casino chips in return. After the ball has been pushed on the wheel, no more bets can be placed.


The round:

After you have placed your bet on your section or the color or your number, the deals are sealed, the Dealer throws the ball on the wheel and spins it. When the wheel settles and your bet wins, he will place a marker on the winning number and you are paid.


Roulette is one of the easiest games in the casino. You needn’t do much. A little bit of luck and concentration will do. The game has become synonymous with casinos and is the first thing you will see when entering a Casino. Different players have their way of interpreting the game. For some, the strategies work and for the other, it’s about luck. Though both may be true to some extent, Roulette is a game of luck and tactic. The right bet, right move and right step at the right moment. That’s what Gambling is all about.


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