New Zealand gambling Law for Land-based casinos

New Zealand gambling Law for Land-based casinos

Apart from its breath-taking landscapes and serene environment, the island nation has its share of casinos. The fact about gambling in New Zealand is that it’s completely legal and licensed. This is one of the main benefits of gambling in the country. Though there are certain restrictions in the business to protect the unfair means, overall the industry is booming in the country. For now, there are five land-based casinos in the country operated from five cities.

Gambling act 2003:

Gambling in the country is regulated and registered under the Gambling Act 2003 of the country. The recent amendment in the law was brought in 2007 however the purpose of the advancement was to enforce the gambling act of 2003 and bring more accountability. The gambling is controlled and managed by the Internal Affairs department of the country and is required to contribute a portion of their profits back to the community.



Though the land-based casinos are legal in the country, online casinos are banned. The gambling Act of 2003 outlaws any sort of remote gambling that includes online casinos too. However, what it doesn’t specify is the participation in a foreign Casino as many of the online casinos also accept NZD as one of their accepted currencies. With exception to few, online casinos are fully banned from operating from within the borders of the country.

Lotteries and Horse racing:

There are few exceptions to remote gaming. For E.g. the law completely allows the sale of lotteries online. Furthermore, all the sports betting in the country is to be managed by the Totalizator Agency Board which comes under the New Zealand Racing Board. Likewise, Horse racing was banned earlier but eventually, it was legalized.  Totalizator Agency Board (TAB) in 1961, made betting on the racecourses legal but only if it was done on-course. Similarly, online poker is legal in the country. Various online platforms offer such services.

Social responsibilities:

Gambling Act of 2003 also emphasizes on various social responsibilities of the houses towards the community. The act requires the houses to return a portion of their profits to the community. In matters of the Gambling Problem, they are required to address the problem wherever it exists and avail the person with the information. They simply don’t have the choice of just sitting back.


Online casinos:

To operate an online casino within the borders of New Zealand is illegal. Though there are interpretations of this as some define playing on a foreign casino completely legal as it’s not operating within the borders of the country.

Winnings not taxable:

The country’s law considers gambling as recreation, not a profession. That means the winnings of gambling are not taxable and you get to keep them to yourself. This has prompted many gamblers to settle in the country.

Specific rules:

The gambling commission of New Zealand is pretty strict in enforcing the rules of the state. However, the casino can have its own specific rules. Certain casinos will require you to adhere to particular dress codes.



The gambling laws in the country are strict to the core and the law enforcement agencies make sure to implement them. There are no loopholes and violation of any such rules will result in the revocation of the business license. The legal age to enter a casino is 20 years but 18 has been decided to be the age for sports betting. Though the country is yet to legalize online casinos, its reputation in the Casino world is growing thanks to its spectacular lot of casinos in the country.