How to play casino Blackjack?

play casino blackkjack

Blackjack is the most common game you can spot in a Casino. It’s considered one of the popular card games in the casino world. The game comes with simple rules. You either try to reach 21 or you beat your dealer, but beware not to exceed 21 or the natural. It’s quite easy to play but depending upon the player, the strategies change. Some people use patience as their weapon in the game others are more of fast-track players, all of them trying to win over the next. Blackjack is a game that certainly tests all sorts of players and brings the best out.


To put it in the simplest of definitions, your objective is to beat the dealer’s hand and how you do that is the quest of Black Jack? It’s just you against the dealer. The purpose is to draw a hand that does not exceed 21 but beats the dealer’s hand or if the dealers draw a hand that’s over 21, you won. If the dealer draws a hand that’s higher than your hand or your hand exceeds 21, you lost.

Value of cards:

Blackjack is not a complicated game but you have to remember the value of the cards. 2-10 count as the face value e.g 6 as 6 or 9 as 9. Face cards (J, Q, K) count as 10 whereas Ace is 1 or 11 depending on what value helps the most. The game is played with 52-deck playing cards.

value of cards

Cash to chips:

The currency of the casinos is chips and tables don’t simply allow to play in money. You will require to change your money and buy chips. However, don’t hand over your money to the dealer but instead place it on the table. Once the pit-boos has verified the amount for the cameras to see, the dealer will push the chips towards you. This is important to maintain transparency in the house and for security reasons.


Before you are dealt with cards, you need to place your bet. The table will include a small circle or square or in some cases, the logo of the Casino and you are required to put your betting money in it. It’s usually located on the far-right or the Far-left side of your table. There can be certain guidelines regarding the minimum amount of bet you are allowed to make which will be mentioned near the betting circle. You need to read them carefully.


Cards are dealt:

The dealer will now deal with cards. This will start by dealing with one card, face-up to each player and one card, face-down to himself. Then he will distribute one more card, face-up to each player and one card, face-up to himself. Each player will be having two cards, face up but the dealer will have, one card, face up and one card face down.


Before you play the game, understand the hand gestures of the game. The dealer won’t react to your verbal instructions as the cameras need to see your actions. The dealer will start from the left. You will have to add the value of your both hands and see if you have a Blackjack. Your hand can get a total from 4 to 21. If the dealer doesn’t have a Blackjack and you have it, that means you won but if both of you have it, you won’t lose your wager at least.

Hand gesture:

Stand: If you want to hold and end your turn, wave your hand or put out an open palm.

Hit: If you want to be dealt with more cards, one at a time, tap the Felt with your finger. The cards will be dealt with until you bust.

Double-down: If you’re not satisfied with your hand and need an additional card. You can double your wager with an additional card. Put up your wager, equivalent to your initial bet on the left side and you will be dealt with another card.

Split: You have the option of splitting the cards so that each card becomes the first card in each hand. You need to put out a second wager next to your initial wager and make a peace sign. You will then be dealt with cards on each hand.

Surrender: You have the option of receiving half of your bet back. Draw an imaginary line behind your bet across the felt and verbalize surrender.

Hand gesture

Dealer plays:

Then the dealer plays. Depending upon your and dealers’ card, the final of the game is determined. However, there are strategies like No-bust strategy that works for few and others, they trust their stars. Two things can happen, either you will bust or the dealer. If your hand is higher than his you won and if his hand is, he won. In case of a push, you get to keep your money but aren’t paid any return.


Playing BlackJack is not just entertaining but requires concentration. Beyond the simplistic rules of the game lies deeper understanding and mathematical calculations of its patterns. The basic advice Is don’t bust and don’t exceed the natural.