Are gambling winnings taxable in New Zealand

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Legal agencies:

The fact about New Zealand’s gambling laws is that they are flexible and friendly. It not only allows businesses to flourish but also protects the player from harm. With certain guidelines, Gambling is regulated by the ministry of the Department of Internal Affairs. Through various Legal organizations, gambling and betting are thoroughly regulated and operated.

  1. New Zealand Lotteries Commission: The commission was established in 1967. The tickets were made online since 2008. However, the history of lottery tickets goes a little far in the country. The first lotteries were known as Art Unions and were established in 1933. The low returns of the Lottery prompted many people to opt for other overseas lotteries. Due to this, the local government was forced to undertake the issue and introduce the Golden Kiwi Lottery.
  2. Sports betting: The New Zealand Government has various statutory organizations put in place to oversee the betting business in the country. Totalizator Agency Board regulates betting in the country and comes under the control of the New Zealand Racing Board.

Gambling winnings:

The benefit of having Gambling Laws in the country is that it makes it devoid of any fraud. The country puts certain regulations on the Casino houses as to how to operate the business but for the player, there are none in matters of winnings. The Gambling winnings are not taxable in New Zealand and you can straightway take the lot home as soon as you get it. That means you don’t have to invest time in calculating your tax and analyzing the final amount. You get to keep the whole amount to yourself because, in the State definition, Gambling is recreational, not professional.

Gambling Winning


Almost every city in the country has a Casino, but there are certain rules for particular houses. In matters of Casino, players are required to be 20 years old to step in the casino, but the age requirement is only 18 years old in sports betting. Likewise, many of the houses may have a certain dress code for the participants. E.g., you are not allowed to enter in your slippers or Pyjamas. These rules can change but one regarding the age is set by the Law enforcement agencies.

Online Gambling:

Almost every form of gambling is legal in the country except for online gambling, but before it sinks deep in you, here is the catch. The country’s law states that any sort of online gambling will not operate from the borders of the country but it does not have jurisdiction over others. That being said, the player is free to bet on a foreign gambling site as long as he is of legal age. Many of the Online casinos accept New Zealand Dollar (NZD) and offer faster cross-border money transfers

Online Gambling


Gambling in New Zealand is completely legit and regulated by the Department of Internal Affairs. Unlike Australia where you have to declare your winnings as recreational, New Zealand requires no such processing. The winnings in the island nation are not taxable thus you can keep the money to yourself. Being licensed by the Department of Internal Affairs, gambling rules, and regulations in the island nation are devoid of any confusion. Though there have been various advancements over time in the matters of Casino and gambling, there is much to be done regarding the overall development of the industry